shut up!! focus3!!!! ^-^

1)What is your shoutout?
~ shut up!! focus3!!!! ^-^

2) Where is your cell phone?
~ in front of me, beside da lappie...ngeh3~

3) How many comments do you have?
~ countless!! HAHAHAHAH~

4) What's your current relationship status?
~, ke arah itu... ;)

5) Are you happy today?
~ hepiii smpai nk tercabut gigi geraham ak neyh!! HOHOHOHO~

6) Who will cut and paste this first?
~ xtau laa plak ader yg berminat ngn surbey neyh! ;P

7) Someone with the same birthday as you?
~ izzah hazirah..coursemate ak! gegegegegeg~

8) Are you mean?
~ nope. i'm MEDIAN! huuuuuuuuuu~

9) Have you ever sang in front of a large audience?
~ yup3! once upon a tym ago..HIHIHIHI~

10) Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
~ ader3!! bwu tdi..bikin ak blushing saja! glurpp~ ;P

11) Current song you're listening to?
~ Sang Penghibur by PADI..

12) Is your birthday on a holiday?
~ a'a..tym cuti sek and final sem break..HUHUHUHU~

13) Have you ever been rushed to the emergency room?
~ yesh3! tp, 'emergency room' len r..g melaborr!! HAHAHAHAHAH~


14) Person who texted you..
~ aiman sarah..dak architecture ;)

15) Talk on the phone..
~ effa fazierah..cik pengarah FRENSTER 12

16) Hugged..
~ bonda terchenta!! mse balik umah wiken lpas.. =)
17) Person you text messaged
~ si dia! ;)))

18) Person you take pictures with
~ erm, student2 dr THAILAND mse program FIN(friendship international network).

19) You kissed
~ ntah! lupaa..(tetiber je..uahahhaha)


20) Where are you going?
~ dewan kolej jerkk!

21) With?
~ alone! sensorang lebey bek..xtimbul byk cter blakang t.huhahaha~

22) What are you going to do there?
~ reasearl Malam Anugerah Aspireasi (MAT)..diner kolej!


23) What are your plans?
~ kul145pm bwu gerak g fac..

24) Dislikes about tomorrow?
~ ader TEST construction technology kul200pm..huh!!!!

25) Did last night?
~ macam2! ;P


26) Thinking about someone?
~ X! thinking cmner nk jawab TEST sok ney..coz x abes stdy ag pon..adooi!!

27) Missing someone?
~ yup! ;P

28) Current mood?
~ ceria itu pasti! risau itu datang menghantui.. ;(((((

29) Longing for?
~ some1 ;)

30) Are you listening to music?
~ yeaahh! lagu nye DEMI MATAHARI by SNADA

33) Had anyone sing or play music for you personally?
~ klo bowinkk tahap ZOO Malaysia laa...xpon Zoo taiping!hauhaha~

35) Forgive anyone who did you wrong the previous day?
~ a'a..bermaafan itu lebey bek dr bermusuhan. iya kan?kekekekek~

37) What do your cousins call you?
~ rahsiaaa!!! HAHAHAHAHHA~

38) Has anyone ever told you they like you more than a friend?
~ yup3! tapi...nop da rite tym LOL.. sowi k.

39) Name one cute celebrity..
~ liyana jasmay..suka bangat dow!

40) Who do you like to spend your days with?
~ member2 ak tym kt ASISKL..rindu dow zaman kta dlu!hahah~.. ;)

41) Favorite ice-cream?
~ aiskrim MALAYSIA! *support local brand* wink~~

42) Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
~ yeahhh! sumer ni dah ditentukanNYA..qada' & qadar' ALLAH SWT..

43) What's the weirdest thing you've heated up in the microwave?
~ betih jagung..konon nya nk wt popcorn,bnda len plak jadi..HAHAHAHAH~

44) Do you fall for people easily?
~ ntah laaa...subjective LOL! no idea skrg ney..gegegeg~

45) Anything more you want to say?
~ ak sgt3 PEMALAS skrg.even dah kul2:12 am..ak still x stat stdy ape2 ag. mmg xredy ag laa nk TEST kul2pm sok neyh...YA RABBI..berikan laa ak INAYAH-MU..ku mohon! ;)



aYuNi said...

mak aih mr arjuna.. why liyana jasmay??? haha~

nape smpi xjwb soklan:
37) What do your cousins call you?
~ rahsiaaa!!! HAHAHAHAHHA~
was2 neh..hahaha~

arJuNa jaLaNan said...

mst r liyana!
coz she's veri2 natural tym blakon..
+ dia sweet LOL.

soklan tuhh ek.
xperlu was2.
coz i mmg xnk jwb n gtau!