tagged again..TREX!


Its not easy as you might think!
Copy and change the answer to suit you and pass it on.
Its really hard to only use one word answer.

[1] Where is you cell phone..? pocket!

[2] Your significant other..? life..

[3] Your hair..? short!

[4] Your mother..? cool..

[5] Your father..? kamceng!

[6] Your favourite place..? toilet..

[7] Your dream last night..? forgotten..

[8] Your favourite drink..? cold..

[9] Your dream/goal..? succesfull!

[10] What room are you in..? library..

[11] Your hobby..? thinking..

[12] Your fear..? Allah SWT..

[13] Where do you want to be in 6 years..? undefined..

[14] Where were you last night..? UM

[15] Something that you aren't..? lazy ;)

[16] Muffins..? Yes!

[17] Wish list item..? undefined..

[18] Where you grew up..? malaysia..

[19] Last night you did..? job!

[20] What are you wearing..? t-shirt..

[21] Your TV..? home..

[22] Your pet(s)..? catS..

[23] Friends..? important!

[24] Your life..? thankfull!

[25] Your mood..? happy...

[26] Missing someone..? yes!

[27] Car..? beemerz!

[28] Something you're not wearing..? ring.

[29] Your favourite store..? toys..

[30] Your favourite color..? red..

[31] When the last time you laughed..? morning

[32] Last time you cried..? undefined..

[33] One place that you go to over and over..? genting!

[34] One person who emails you regularly..? sis!

[35] One word for all this? thanks!

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