kne tagged.
so,buat je lol...
(smata2 nk puas kan ati owg yg tag ak tuh..hahaha)

1) Beside ur lips, where is the favourite spot to get kissed?
++ jari jemari. ;D

2)How did u feel when u woke up this morning?
++ OMG!! xsempat nk sahur..seb bek dah niat sblom tdo...huhuhuhu~

3) Who was the last person/people you took photo with?
++ coursemates! (mysara n abigail during TITAS presentation ysterday LOL.)

4) Would you consider urself spoiled?
++ klo rse toooo bad la..hehehe ;)

5) Have u ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
++ yes i'm.a lot! =)

6) Do you want someone to be dead?
++ nop.coz ajal maut di tanganNYA.bukan ak...

7) What does your last text message say?
++ 'a'a.kul 9am der test management theory kat,xstdy ag!hahaha'

8) What are you thinking right now?
++ ape laaa ak nk jawab tym test management pg ni r...satu hapak pon xstdy ag!adoiii`~

9) Do you want someone to be with you right now?
++ yeahh!! my supporterS~ ngeee

10) What was the time you went to bed last night?
++ around 3am

11) Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now?
++ sunway pyramid

12) Is someone on your mind right now?
++ yeah.tettttttt~ ;D

13) Who was the last person who text you?
++ her. =)

14) TEN lucky person to do this quiz.
++ xda.ngee~

*tangantaip: hari ini de test kul 9am.yosh ganbaree~*

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Badariah Baharuddin said...

jari ??

Erul gatal jugak ,